This notification is one for our reseller customers, please ignore if you are not a reseller hosting package owner.

We have done a minor change to the nameserver IPs. Please ensure all your websites are using one of the below options in order to ensure they are resolving correctly, DDoS protected and geo-redundant;

  1. If you are using our white-label nameservers for your hosted domain names, please make sure they are pointed to and regardless of the server, all the other nameservers (ending with will be deprecated by the end of this month in order to standardize the nameservers.
  2. If you are using custom/your own nameservers, please make sure they are pointed to the below nameserver IPs (you will have to create child nameserver records and A records pointing to the below IPs);
    • - (Germany)
    • - (Singapore)

If you are directing pointing a domain name to a server shared IP (without purchasing a dedicated IP), kindly note that it's not recommended at all and you should either use a dedicated IP or use one of the above options in order to ensure the availability of your sites.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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