[Important] Changes related our website and the nameservers

We are excited to inform that we have done the changes smoothly and our new website is now fully functional.   Welcome to Provider.lk We have updated you about this change in our previous email and we would like to welcome you to our new website, provider.lk. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve ... Read More »

5th May 2020
[Server Maintenace Notice] Important - Migration of Plesk-US-huayra

This is to inform that the migration has been completed. Please get back to us within 72 hours if you notice any data loss. Start date: 4th of Dec, 2019 Start time:  11:30:00 GMT +5:30 (local time of Sri Lanka) Estimated end date: 5th of Dec, 2019 End time: 11:30:00 GMT +5:30 (local time of Sri Lanka) Reason: Improve the performance and ... Read More »

2nd Dec 2019
Important chages to reseller nameserver IPs

This notification is one for our reseller customers, please ignore if you are not a reseller hosting package owner. We have done a minor change to the nameserver IPs. Please ensure all your websites are using one of the below options in order to ensure they are resolving correctly, DDoS protected and geo-redundant; If you are using our ... Read More »

13th Aug 2019
Announcement for Resellers - cPanel price hike

Thank you for being a valued reseller of LKWebHosting. You are receiving this important notification because you are an active reseller account holder. This is to update you on the impact caused due to cPanel's massive  price hike. Official announcement : https://forums.cpanel.net/pages/partners/ Pricing page: https://cpanel.net/pricing/ As ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2019
Important - Introducing cloud based, Geo-redundant DNS service for cPanel hosting

We noticed that having separate nameservers for every server is troublesome; whenever there are some nameservers changes (due to a server migration) it will result in issues for the customers and resellers. It also needs manual work for our resellers to change the private nameserver IPs.In order to address that issue, we have implemented ... Read More »

25th Mar 2018
[Server Maintenace Notice] Important - Migration of Ferrari

Start date: 21st of Feb, 2017 Start time: 08:00 GMT +5:30 (local time of Sri Lanka) Estimated nd date: 21st of Feb, 2016 End time: 13:00 GMT +5:30 (local time of Sri Lanka) Reason: Improve the performance and address the stability issues reported. Impact: No downtime expected, however a slowness of the hosted websites is expected throughout ... Read More »

21st Feb 2017
We are now accepting eZCash/mCash/Sampath Vishwa

We are excited to announce that we have extended our payment gateway support to settle your invoices instantly. We are now accepting;1. Visa/Master/Amex credit and debit card payments in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) - no transaction fee2. Direct bank transfers/deposits (Sampath/Commercial Banks) - no transaction fee3. Direct PayPal payments in USD - ... Read More »

10th Aug 2016
Discontinuation of accepting Dialog eZcash

We are sorry to inform that we will discontinue accepting Dialog eZcash payments with immediate effect until they will provide a quality and a trust worthy service.We have faced so many issues with their service and we will not enable this payment service which puts our client is a trouble.Thank you for understanding.Billing and Sales ... Read More »

31st May 2016
Upcoming pricing changes and service upgrades

So far, it’s been a great 2016. We’ve improved our services in multiple ways and have been working on some very cool new features and upcoming releases. However, our package ranges and the prices have not been changed for last 4 years. There would be a small price hike for new packages in order to provide you enhanced features and ... Read More »

26th Apr 2016
Feature - Settle your payment via credit card in Sri Lankan Rupees

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with a payment gateway to accept any VISA, Master, American Express debit/credit card payment in Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR), you will not have to be worried about the currency exchange fees or the transaction fees anymore. You can simply use your card to easily settle the payment in Sri Lanka Rupees. We ... Read More »

10th Apr 2016